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The lowest cost way to own solar panels

No fees. 0% interest. Own your panels in 6 years, and enjoy free power from the sun. Join the thousands who are switching to solar energy with our Solar Equity Buydown Program.

Solar Equity Buydown vs Traditional Loans (Example)

 Solar Equity BuydownSolar Loan
System Cost$21,500$21,500
Dealer Fees$0Up to 40% ($8,600)
Interest Rate0%3.99% - 8.99%
Term6 Years25 Years
Monthly Payment$298$157 - $175
Interest and Fees$0$19,310 - $31,045
Federal Tax Credit$0($0 - $6,450) *
Total Paid$21,500$40,810 - $52,545

* Federal Tax Credits for solar is not a refund and are not the same as a cash discount. Learn more.

How We Do It

Green Credit Market's Solar Equity Buydown Program is different from most solar purchase options. We don't charge fees or interest, and we want you to know exactly what you are paying for solar. We make our money through government incentives not generally available to homeowners rather than charging you exorbitant fees and high interest rates.For most people, our Solar Equity Buydown Program is the lowest cost path to energy independence. If there's a better way for you, we'll tell you. We want everyone to install solar, no matter how they pay for it.

Benefits of choosing green credit market

Lowest Cost Way to Own Solar

  • Pay for the solar equipment you need, and not a penny more. No interest. No balloon payments.

Immediate Energy Savings

  • You own the energy your panels produce. From day one. Forever.

Buy Solar like a Car

  • Make affordable payments with 0% interest for six years. Enjoy free power from the sun forever.

Solar that Works

  • We monitor your solar equipment to ensure is is generating power whenever the sun is shining.


We created Green Credit Market because we love solar, but we weren't satisfied with existing options to pay for it.Most government incentives are targeted at large companies and utilities, leaving homeowners with really expensive loans or cash purchase as their only options.We wanted to change that, and find a way for government clean energy incentives to work for regular folks too.The result is Green Credit Market, and our mission to provide the lowest cost options available for purchasing residential solar equipment.We think we've come up with a program that is fair, transparent, and the best deal available in residential solar.

Tax credits

If you research solar panels for your home, you'll see a lot of information about tax credits available to homeowners (IRS § 25D). Here are some of the key points to understand about these incentives:

  • Tax credits are not a discount, and not the same as cash.

  • They can be applied to reduce your taxes only if you pay enough taxes.

  • IRS §25D credits are not refundable or transferable and can only be used to reduce your personal taxes

  • Solar loans (in the fine print) require you to send them 100% of the value of your tax credit or pay penalties. Even if you find you can't use the tax credits.

  • Because Green Credit Market owns the panels for 6 years, our customers do not take the tax credit.

We use tax credits and other incentives to pay for our operations and offer our customers payment plans with no interest and no fees. In almost every case, our Solar Equity Buydown plan is the lowest cost way to own solar on your home.


Ready to take the next step toward energy freedom? Fill out the form, and we will help you figure out if Green Credit Market is the right solar partner for you.We will never sell your information.


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Green Credit Market partners with a nationwide network of installers who share our values, and deliver exceptional quality service. If you'd like to offer the Green Credit Market Solar Equity Buydown Program, please reach out to talk about how we can work together.