Innovative financing for residential solar projects.

Introducing the fastest path to Solar ROI

The SolarSaver™ program is a short term installment contract designed to provide the lowest cost way to own solar and energy storage systems. It is ideally suited for solar customers who want the best lifetime return on their investment.

What is SolarSaver™?

  • 8 Year Purchase Contract

  • No Dealer Fees

  • 2.8% Equivalent Interest rate

  • Pre-pay whenever you want

  • Save 20-100% vs loans

  • The lowest cost way to own solar

Who Is the SolarSaver™ Program best suited For? People who…

  • Want to own their solar equipment

  • Don’t want to deplete cash reserves

  • Prioritize lowest total cost and fastest ROI

  • Don't want to spend a fortune on finance charges

  • Have excellent credit

SolarSaver™ compared to 20 year loan*

  • 33% Lower cost than loan

  • $9,995 cheaper

  • 144 fewer payments

* $30K 10kW system 3.99% interest and 30% dealer fees

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